About me

Meet Alexander Meijers, a visionary and passionate technology enthusiast dedicated to transforming businesses through the power of Extended Reality (XR) and the Industrial Metaverse. As the Global Extended Reality Technology and Industrial Metaverse Lead at Avanade, Alexander is devoted to providing innovative solutions by effortlessly merging Microsoft products and services in unexpected ways, aiming to enhance, optimize, and modernize operations in both office environments and factory floors.

With a keen focus on innovation, Alexander harnesses the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services, Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft 365, Azure Digital Twins, IoT, Open AI, Copilot, Custom Copilot, Generative AI, and Extended Reality. But also applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides are further amplified using the Power Platform, extending their capabilities to cater to various business needs. By employing virtual reality devices like Meta Quest and mixed reality devices like Microsoft HoloLens 2, Alexander bridges the gap between technology, business processes and immersive experiences.

However, Alexander’s contributions don’t end there. Being a firm believer in sharing knowledge and fostering growth, Alexander takes an active role in the community. Through the Global XR Community Foundation, Alexander organizes both online events and the annual Global XR Conference. Alexander also loves to inspire others by speaking at events, writing blog posts, demonstrating the art of the impossible, and mentoring students on utilizing the latest technologies.

As one of the Avanade’s DevReal champions, Alexander is a driving force behind the community from the Netherlands, pushing boundaries and fostering a culture of inclusiveness, innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Connect with Alexander Meijers to explore how Extended Reality and the Industrial Metaverse are shaping the future of work and discover the transformative potential that these technologies can bring to your organization.

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