It has been almost three weeks ago that we held the Global XR Conference. The Global XR Conference took place on December 1-3. It is an online conference organized for the global XR community with sessions, talks and workshops about virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and extended reality. We also had several communities from all over the world which held their own community event in a slot at the conference. For us it is all about the community. Giving the chance to others to talk and/ or present about their favorite subject, allowing them to speak about what they are working on or just let them show something cool. We had technical, functional, and even business sessions. We don’t allow someone to sell their product. It should be fun, informative, and able to teach others to continue their journey into the XR world. We even had a special conference space created in AltspaceVR which allowed attendees to mingle and meet with others during the event in virtual reality. Some of the sessions were broadcasted on the big screen in the virtual room. Attendees were able to join via PC, Mac or virtual reality headset.

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Last Update: February 12, 2024